Wednesday, July 7, 2010


did July get here?
sometimes cleaning
nursing, and
nursing again.

I'm beginning to think Abe's feeding schedule is out of the ordinary. Everyone is telling me it takes 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or maybe 15 minutes max to nurse. Whaaaa? I'm in it for an average of 30. Am I the only one? Ladies?

Anyhoo, that's not why I'm here to blog today. Abe was blessed on Sunday, the Day of Independence. He was darling, Scott was wonderful and all (most) of my family was there.

I realize this photo location was not ideal.

Sun on Abe's face.

This baby looks like Polly, and now he's awake.

Let the feeding commence.


Mommamort said...

That picture of Abe makes me want to get a hold of him and just kiss him. Sunday was a very nice day. Scott and You have a wonderful family. We love you.

Nan said...

We loved being there for Abe's blessing. It was fun to see your extended family. Scott gave a beautiful blessing.

Andrae said...

30 minutes plus, easy. I thought I was the only one too. Good reading time though.

Hayley said...

Before I read the caption on that picture of Abe I thought, he sure looks like Polly.

Cute. Cute. Cute.

This bad friend will come see him one day....

The Mortons said...

Love Abe. sorry...i should have moved you for your picture. it wasn't ideal. Good luck with Abe. He took forever to eat his bottle so I can only imagine nursing.

Aaron and Mindy said...

I love blessing days. My kids always took forever to nurse too. I think it is pretty normal. Maybe he is just to warm and cozy in his eating spot and wants to take his time:) wat a cute fam you have and you look amazing.

Brittney said...

he DOES look like polly!! oh, he's just munchable. love him. sad we missed his big day, but i'm glad everything went well. of course it did.

you are awesome, my friend. nurse on. nurse on.

Haylee Munk Brown said...

1) My little guy takes forever as well.

2) How the heck are you so skinny already!!!??


3) We still need to hang out....just sayin.....

Ann said...

We loved seeing Scott and the boys for their hiking trip. Wish they could have stayed longer. Now we just need to see the rest of the family - including Little Mother. I could use a few extra hands.