Friday, March 4, 2011

Target Demographic

"It's true!  You really can fall in love with your Pillow Pet."

(Styled and photographed by Macy, last October)

This is what Macy told me yesterday.
Apparently it is what the commercial advertised when she decided she must have one last fall.

Macy is a major sucker for advertising.   Saturday morning cartoons have done us a lot of favors.  One is exposure to lots of commercials.  Over the years she has tried to convince me to buy a number of products.

An indestructible wallet:  "You can even drive over it with a car!"

A shoe organizer that fits under your bed.

Nutrisystem:  "You never have to worry about portion size again!"
(If this was a hint it wasn't very subtle.)
We debated this one for a while and that girl has a keen memory.  Every thing I tried to say, she had a comeback for.  "It's so easy!"  "All the other diets don't work!"  "You should see how big their old clothes are!"

Two Christmas's ago she told me all about these pretend hamsters that run around on a track and in tunnels and they AREN'T real, but they LOOK real.
(I thought to myself, that will never catch on. Ha.)

Yesterday, I found this gem in my e-mail.  I had e-mailed it to myself 3 years ago so I wouldn't forget.

"Mom!!  I just saw something on TV for you.  It's called Aquaglow.  It's for your plants.  You just put it in the soil and it waters the plants for you. (with shoulder shrugs) no more spills, no more dying plants, no more drooping."

Funny thing is, I actually need this one.


Emma said...

I love Macy! She had one of those this summer but I can't seem to remember now what it was about. She'll be a great sales person one day. Or work as the actual person making the commercials up.

jordan said...

oh, I've got one of those at my house.

"mom! the wii can also be great for excercise. it's only $199.99"

Andrae said...

I cannot stop laughing. Thank you Macy for making my day better! It's sad that she is quoting Nutrisystem, but yet I laughed the hardest at this one. Like that girl needs portion control.

Haylee Munk Brown said...

Funny, because I remember shopping with you once in college where you told me you were a sucker for advertising and packaging as you bought the most expensive shampoo. I don't know where she gets it!! ;) Ha ha ha!