Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fresh Cream Butter is Good

I'm sure I've done this before in my youth.
I saw this post and felt domestic.
It was super easy, and a little messy,
and a lot super delicious.

Shake, shake, shake heavy cream and salt.

When you get tired of shaking,
put it in the mixer,
(poor pioneers with no mixers)
and mix a loooooong time.

It magically turns into butter and butter milk.
We added honey.

But I am for real looking for the best bread recipe.  I've tried a few and they have been good, but I want super awesome.
Do you have one?
Can I handle it?
Do I need a wheat grinder?
 Cause they are spensive.


Emma said...

Yummy! Honey butter sounds like a delicious idea! The shaking part reminds me about when we tried to make ice cream with the Tara-Howes'. Did we ever tell you about that? I have a few GREAT bread recipes. Just give me a few days and I'll translate and email them to you!

Andrae said...

Yummy! I'm into making my own bread too. I grind my own wheat, but you can also buy wheat flour if you can't grind. If I ever get around to it, I'll send you 2 recipes I like.

Jill said...

looks soooo good. once we did that in primary and it was super good. I'm going to make some!

Hayley said...

Why must you always one up me on the mommy skillz?

I buy butter.
And bread.

Tara said...

Let me know when you get the tried and true best bread recipe. Love it!