Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Summer Project

The Summer Project

I want to pretend like it's summer, so I have an idea.  Let's all post our favorite un-blogged (or already blogged) summer picture(s).  Then tell all your friends to do it too.

Question: If I give it a title with the name project in it, does that mean more of you will do it?  Do it!  It will be like it's summer in one tiny corner of the blogging world.

Here's my favorite un-blogged picture.
Swimsuits, popsicles and water bottles to cool off.

Some of my favorite post of the past are here and here (one of my favorite pictures).  But my most favorite summer post is here.

I feel better already.


Jen said...

I feel better too:) Can't wait!

Hayley said...

Oh summer! I'm doing my project right now. ;)