Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Day

It started with this super mysterious Valentine!
No doubt inspired by the mystery flavored dum-dum
My favorite part is the heart made out of question marks

V-day breakfast

Manners Tea at Hillcrest

Scott always tries to find interesting flowers
These might be the best yet
The tops are super soft

It was a love-ly day!


Andrae said...

love the flowers, and the zebras.
where did you get those?

Emma said...

Oh, love the flowers! And that's a very sweet mysterious Valentine!

Mortons Love said...


Those are striped sock monkeys. I got them at Walmart! Shock.

Jill said...

Cool flowers!

Andrae said...

Walmart...that is a shock. 1.That you found them there and 2.That you were even there!