Friday, February 4, 2011

Beautiful Disaster

Yesterday I was cleaning up the wreckage, the aftermath, the crime scene?, the party that is on our floor after Abe eats.   It looks like he's been in a food fight.  With himself.  Anyway, I was cleaning up his lunch.  Fine, his breakfast too.   Mmmmm, slimy banana chunks.  I just made you hungry didn't I?
He just watched me.  
Didn't offer to help or anything.



Jill said...

ha ha. but he's so cute mom!

Tanner's Tales said...

That is why we have a dog

The Mortons said...

oh Abe, if you weren't so darn cute!!! See you tomorrow handsome boy!

holly said...

I think I'll have Abe for lunch. And I won't leave any crumbs.