Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I've decided to put quotes as posts so that I don't lose one, when I put in another. Anyway this was today driving in the car.

"Mom, I don't ever want a baby"


"Yeah and I know how, too."


"Yeah, if you just don't ever go to the hospital, you won't have a baby."


This is all based upon the fact that she thinks you get a needle in your stomach if you have a baby. She know this because her much older (5) and wiser cousin, Sosie told her.


holly said...

This is actually new information for me, but good to know what my daughter is passin' out. Sosie, also, never wants to "get" a baby in her tummy. She thinks it would be quite painful getting it out. What, painful? Who said?

Hayley said...

Oh she is a crack up! Seriously, I love that kid and I don't even know her!