Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So, so late

I know I'm WAY behind the curve of Christmas pics, but here they are anyway.

Cookies for Santa. Macy made sure we all know: Too many cookies is why santa has a big belly. So true, Macy . . .so true.

A Christmas Eve snuggle with Hallie.

Santa delivers the most beautiful unicorn known to man . . . and the North Pole.

And balls for Polly. It doesn't get any better, does it?


Matt & Jill said...

I really like your hair. You look so cute with your darling girls.

JAM said...

I wish I got balls from Santa. Lucky

Hayley said...

I lost my train of thought reading Annie's comment. Funny. Oh yeah, back to the comment...They are cute as can be, and I'm glad that Macy got her longed for Unicorn. I love your hair too. I am already sick of mine and wanting to edge it up a little.

Aaron & Mindy said...

I am glad to see I am not the only one late on my posts. I just posted my Christmas pictures today, so no worries. I swear your girls get bigger everytime you post.

jordan said...

a unicorn...that is so funny. i bet it was hard to find.
by the way, i LOVED your Christmas card. your girls are just too cute!