Monday, August 23, 2010

4 Real

I feel like this year we have started school for reals.
Gone all day,
lunch at school,
I have so many great pictures of Macy's first day,
I just have to post them all.
Please forgive.
BTW, many times we question who's child she is.
For the record, I am crying in my kindergarten picture
just for the sake of getting my picture taken.

Macy-not so much.
She's thrilled to be in Ms. Anderson's class
"with the bear door"
She is super embarassed after I
said something silly to make her smile.
For Real.
p.s. Polly makes for a great photo accessory.


Hayley said...

I am so sad they will be gone all day.

And she looks adorable.

And is she in love with piece signs right now? They are Ady's 'thing'. We almost got the same backpack but then she found one even piece signier.

Jennifer said...

Love all the pictures and I thought she looked so cute on the first day. Did she come home completely worn out? I saw her at lunch recess on the first day and all she wanted to do was lay her tired little body in the shade. Too cute! Jen Pinnock

Jill said...

oh my I love those pictures. she's so cute. Allie starts this week and I'm sad- all day, lunch! ah.

Mommamort said...

What darling pictures. Polly is learning to poise as good as her big sister. I can't believe she is in first grade. I love you Macy!!

Hayley said...

let us just pretend i spelled peace correctly.

I was multitasking...

The Mortons said...

so big! hallie can hardly wait to wear that same dress to school! Macy having lunch at school means she truely is a BIG girl!!!

Nan said...

My kids had Miss Anderson (and I went to high school with her). She is the BEST! Macy will love her and she will love Macy.

Ann said...

I'm still laughing!!! Miss Anderson is a lucky teacher to have such a fun girl. I don't think my 6th graders are quite so excited. AND I love the tutu dress. Macy is something' else.

Nells-Bells said...

my eldest sister and middle sister had ms. anderson too! i am PRAYING mason will get her next year. i didn't cry when mason went to kindergarten but i am thinking i will when he starts 1st grade!!