Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not Abe

So what if the last 10 posts have been about Abe...
Get over it. This one isn't.
My whole fam went to Sunriver, Oregon last week.
Here's the recap.

Lava cave.
Highlights were making scary shadows on the cave wall,
Ethan, Bronwen, Miles, Macy and Sicicily
attempting to army crawl to the end of the cave.
Congrats to Ethan. Brave soul.

The kids biked daily into town to the
candy/ice cream/stuffed animal store.
All the younger cousins bought big-eyed animal
and played with them whenever we were at the house.

Hike to Benham Falls.
This is where we found
Oregon's breeding ground for mosquitos.
Glad we found you, Breeding Ground.

Scott and Jed hiked South Sister.

Best picture of the trip.
And all the rest.


Nan said...

Fun, fun, fun. Nothing like playing with the family.

Jill said...

looks like fun. and so what if you post about Abe. it's fun to see him. How's life with 3 kids???

The Mortons said...

your not kidding...that is the best picture EVER! So sweet...miss polly and abe.

Mommamort said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. You have some great pictures. I will agree with you that the one of Scott, polly and Abe is the best. I love Polly and Scott's faces.

holly said...

I'm sorry, but why would I want to read a post that's NOT about Abe??