Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Slippery Slope

Macy has waited for her first lost tooth for at least 2 years.
Thank you, hard-to-get-apart-legos for helping her tooth to pop out.
I feel like she is on a slippery slope.
First, all day school.
Then a lost tooth.
Next she will want an
ipod/cell phone/car/boyfriend/indpendence from me!
I cannot not have that.


Emma said...

Oh, congratulate her from me! I waited FOREVER as well. I like your list by the way. Makes me realize that I have acquired all except "car". And my parents are never gonna give in on that one. ;)

Katie Jane said...

No that will not do! She is so big. Your family is just too stinking cute.

The Mortons said...

oh Miss Macy! You are growing up. Soon you will have a birthday! Wahoo for you!!

Jill said...

i feel the same!

Nan said...

I hope the tooth fairy found her.

Andrae said...

Sweet lego action Macy! Who knew you could use a lego for teeth removal!

Ann said...

I love that smile with or without teeth. It was fun seeing you and having sch a great day. I'm going through withdrawal, please return soon. :)