Thursday, January 20, 2011

Abe has a tie!

Nobody told me little boys were so awesome.
Abe has been nothing but fun since day one (rhyme!)
Now he's 8 months!
And he has a tie.
This is almost too much.

I never knew I liked babies in ties.

At 8 months Abe:
  Desperately wants to crawl
 Doesn't like me to leave the room 
Says mama*
Waves with either tiny finger wiggles or full arm pumps
Loves food
Loves the zhu zhu pet the girls "gave" him

*I'm pretending he knows what this means. I can do that. It makes me feel good and makes Scott crazy. (Say dada)


Tanner's Tales said...

Hey- Thanks for posting your recipes that you are gives me ideas. We made chicken and dumplings (from America's Test Kitchen) and the boys liked it! Since I'm 0 for 4 this week, it made me feel better! (They may have just eaten it because they haven't eaten dinner for four nights and it's catching up with them...)
Abe is a cutie. Mikey's favorite toy is the Zhu Zhu pet too.

Andrae said...

Boys are so fun. The tie is great. And I'm thinking it's a new upholstery job too. I like that too.

Jessey D said...

oh my! the tie is far too much for me to handle. i miss him so much!!!

Hayley said...

Oh Abe is seriously cute stuff. LOVE the tie!

Emma said...

Oh, he's so cute!

Erin said...

Introducing the future Elder Morton!

Jennifer said...

Abe is sooo cute. McKell has been saying this since we came home from church and I agree:)

Ann said...

I love reading your blog!!! A is for adorable Abe; a picture is better than nothing. Also love the idea of organizing. I should add that to my list...maybe I should start a list first. You inspire me.