Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have certain spaces in my house that stay organized, but I have more that don't.  This is something I would like to change. So, I'm adding to my list.

1. Make a new recipe once a week
2. Clean out/Organize a space once a week.

I realize this looks completely weak. One space a week?  It's realistic, I say (staying positive).

Already organized this year: My closet, girl's dresser/closet, craft cupboard (this shouldn't count. It's needed weekly, but done rarely)

Needs to be organized: My recipes, ALL kitchen cupboards, coat closet, bookshelf in my room, kids bookshelf, Abe's closet, linen closet.

Recipes made last week:

Chicken Picata (America's Test Kitchen)
We loved this.  Macy thought it was to lemon-y

Risotto (America's Test Kitchen)
Macy and I loved. Scott and Polly liked.
The best part was making the leftovers into fried cheesy rice cakes that the cookbook recommended.  Everyone loved these.  Abe especially.

QUESTION:  How do you organized people STAY organized?  This is my problem.


Katie Jane said...

Oh my goodness! I want to try your recipes.

Andrae said...

I have been organizing a cupboard, drawer or something daily or weekly, whichever is possible at the time. It's amazing! Couple tricks to staying that way...pick up, don't be lazy and say you'll put it away in it’s correct place later when you have more time, just do it now! Get rid of unnecessary stuff and it's less to keep organized. Make piles of keep, get rid of, and questionable. Then ask someone else’s opinion about the questionables; this helps you let go easier. Last make sure everything is together that correlates so that your not running all over the room grabbing things to accomplish one task, it’s a time saving thing.

I find that after I’m done going through things I can let the house sit for a couple months, and it may be time to do this again. This is due to that fact that other people live in my house besides just me, and months later I may be ready to get rid of stuff that I may not have been able to months prior.

Don’t know if this helps, but it works for me.
I can’t wait to read other peoples tips!

Stacie said...

I don't think your resolutions sound weak at all! It sounds like you are doing great.

I must have organization or I cannot think straight. My motto is "a place for everything and everything in its place." When it isn't in use, it should be in its place. I spend probably way too much time tidying things and putting them back in their place...that is my frustration. But at least I always know where it is and things stay tidy...except the office....

Good luck!

jordan said...

hey, I've been de-cluttering and re-organizing too! Great mind think alike.