Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some Thoughts

When I changed the name of this here blog to "Mortons Love" last year sometime, it was because I knew I wanted this blog to be a positive place. (It was after this post, I promise.) And of course, a place to document our life.

So, as the new year starts, I'm making it official.  I will blog about the people we love, the things we love, and the things we love doing. Happy things only.

I don't really love New Year's resolutions.  But I do love lists.  Making lists mostly.  When I made our Christmas list, it made me do more things.  Then I posted it, and it made me do even more things. I liked that.  It was really only because I was afraid you'd all think I was lame if I didn't.  I don't want my friends to think I'm lame.

I'm making a new list for 2011.  It's not complete yet. In fact it only has one item.

1. I'm going to make a new-to-me recipe at least once a week.  I got 2 new cookbooks for Christmas.  I like cookbooks, this is my inspiration.  I'm not saying I'm going to blog about it.  Then I would have to take pictures, and that's a whole thing. 

So far, this is all I can commit to.
I'll add to it sometime, making it list-like.

This is the longest text I've ever had in a post.  Except for this one.  That was a doosy.

Linking is fun.

Don't think I'm lame.


Hayley said...

Reading your blog makes me happy.

And as we speak garlic is roasting for a new to me recipe.

And since linking is fun...here you go.

Sounds delish!

Aaron and Mindy said...

I love your posts!!! They make my day. I would like you to blog about those delish new recipes so I to can make this awesome goal.
One of my new years res. is to hang out with my friend Amanda more. Let's make sure I do not break it :)