Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Things To Be Happy About

This week I made Millionaire Shortbread, from Baked.  Think homemade twix.  Shortbread layer, caramel layer, chocolate layer.

I'm making this pizza for dinner.  I'll let you know.
[UPDATE:  It was so, so yum.  Go make it!]

I organized part of my kitchen cupboards.  The food part.

I got a good start on organizing the recipes.  It's a lot of writing, people.

My kids have been sweet to each other.  It happens.

And...It's the weekend,  A husband home and a date in the works!


Jill said...

you have cute kids and that's enough to make anyone happy!

Hayley said...

Keep me posted on the looks delish!

And how in the world do you stay so slim eating all this yumminess?

Andrae said...

Can you say mini Polly there Abe. I want to love on him he is so cute!