Thursday, December 23, 2010

On The 2nd Post of Christmas...

Dear Santa,
Macy is very excited for Christmas, and I think she's been pretty good.  She is a great big sister to Abe and she likes to take him into her room to "play".  This usually goes well.  Sometimes she tries hard to keep her emotions from getting out of control.  She does this by taking deep, loud breaths with her eyes closed.  I don't know where she may have seen this before!  She lost her first tooth this year, but the rest are staying put.  She likes the 1st grade, but only if you don't ask her.  She's a fantastic reader and prefers to read chapter books.  She very much likes to pick out her own clothes and she tries to add some flair when she can.  She's lovely.  Please bring her...(she's asked for about 30 things) the new Taylor Swift CD and a teddy bear.  (This perfectly describes Macy this year: growing up, but not.)

This is most defnitely the best Christmas Story I've seen.
So very cute.
Watch, please.


Tanner's Tales said...

Love the video...especially at the end "based on a true story." :)

Hayley said...

Well that was cute. Very, very cute.