Friday, December 31, 2010

Waste of Time

I guess the 12 Posts of Christmas was a waste of my time. Macy has documented our month of December for us. Scott and I found this little gem under the Christmas tree when we were cleaning up late on Christmas night. It was a long rolled up peice of wrapping paper, with Christmas memories drawn on. It was her present to Scott.

1. We went to The Nutcracker   2. We watched Elf  3. The girls decorated their little tree.  4.  They helped me decorate  5. They played with their nutcrackers that live on the mantle.  6. They cleaned (?)


Mommamort said...

Those are PRICELESS works of art. I could tell exactly what was going on in each of them. Dad is a very lucky man to get those for Christmas.

Hayley said...

Can you please bring Macy over to play with Ady? They would be the best of friends.

Seriously, drop her off. We will take Polly too!