Monday, December 6, 2010


Abe is 6 months
6 1/2 if you want to be precise (and I do)
Abe can sit (evidenced)
He's breaking some top teeth
He loves his affectionate sisters
His loves his dad
Polly makes him laugh the hardest
His likes vegetables straight up (no cereal)
He tolerates fruit
(unless it's bananas, which he devours with lip smacks)
He spits when he's mad
It makes us laugh

I must restrain myself from gobbling him straight up.


Emma said...

Oh! He's the cutest baby ever! I think he looks like Polly now. But still no red hair?

Andrae said...

I want in on a few nibble myself. When did he get so big, and such great style?

Hayley said...

But how! How do you resist? He is so yummy. And I am dying over his hair, it's adorable.

Tanner's Tales said...

So handsome!

The Mortons said...

Oh, how I love ABE! I must say he looks mighty fine in that sweater!

Jill said...

oh man he is adorable!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

He looks so much like you!!! So cute!

Aaron and Mindy said...

This little man is the cutest thing I have seen!! I agree that he looks like you with a bit of Polly