Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On the 3rd Post of Christmas...

Dear Santa,
Polly has had a good year. She started pre-school and is looking forward to next year when she can be dropped off with the big kids at Hillcrest.  I am not.  She is a sweet soul and an excellent snuggler. She has however, found her voice when it comes to Macy.  I'll just say Macy's carefully orchestrated plans don't always go her way anymore.  We are pleased.  For Polly, of course.  But not for our ears. One of her favorite games continues to be "What if".  The best one recently was,

"What if all our teeth were made of candy?  How would we eat candy?" 

It's funny.  Please bring her some face paint (hope you can find it!) and any animal that is miniature in size.

Also, if you take her picture, she often does this:

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Jennifer said...

Her questions remind me of a book called, "What If." It even has one about teeth but it says, What if toes were teeth." It has a lot of them. You should check it out if you haven't seen it already. I am loving your Christmas posts:)