Thursday, December 2, 2010


My children do listen in primary.

(we learned about service)

After Scott announce he was headed out to shovel the 73" of snow that fell Sunday, the little nuggets wanted to play in the snow. Then Macy whispers that she's going to shovel for dad while she's out there. There was a lot of snow folks. They did their best.

Sometimes it takes two.
(sing it with me)

Proof #2:
As I'm cleaning the kitchen (I'm known to do this on occasion) Monday morning, Polly says

"Mom! I know someone who gives us presents on Christmas besides you, dad and santa."
oh yeah, who?
"Heavenly Father gave us his son... and that is the hugest present ever...


Discover said...
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Haylee Munk Brown said...

That last picture is HEE-LARE-EE-US!!! I love it! (Sorry if you got this comment twice from me and a strange Discover Gymnastics blogger, but I forgot to sign out of the blog I do for the gym I work for, and I tried deleting, but am not sure if you still get it....whoops)

Ann said...

They are the BEST. I love those gorgeous, smart, red-headed girls and also that cute little chubby cheek, big eyed, beautiful boy.

Mommamort said...

They are the greatest girls and I know they are proof of the examples that their parents are setting for them. Thanks for being such wonderful parents to these beautiful grandchildren and taking them to Primary. We love you.